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Wagon Train Wife - Ebook (Walton Valley Book 1)

Wagon Train Wife - Ebook (Walton Valley Book 1)

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She will do anything to ensure her sister's safety...even marry a man she barely knows.

Eliza Fairchild arrived in America from England with her sister and parents expecting to continue her sheltered, upper-class lifestyle in the new country. However, the death of her parents and the cruelty of her guardians leaves Eliza and her sister, Hannah, in a precarious situation.

Thomas Flannagan has vowed never to love again after the death of his young wife shortly after their arrival in America. His need for a wife, and his desire to keep the Fairchild sisters safe motivate him to propose a marriage of convenience.

Working together to create a home in the wild Kansas prairie brings Thomas and Eliza closer together, but the tender shoots of affection between them are threatened when her sister's past catches up with them.

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