Murder at Docere House is coming soon for pre-order!

When Tommy and Evelyn arrive at the prestigious Docere House to secure a spot for their daughter at their preferred school, little do they anticipate stumbling upon yet another dead body.

The quiet and unassuming science master, Ralph Gower, is discovered lifeless, a victim of the very poison he concocted to eliminate another. Tommy, who hoped to reconnect with his former Army comrade, discovers that Ralph, known for his mild manners, had taken a bizarre turn in the days leading to his death.

What drove Ralph to craft the lethal elixir that ultimately sealed his fate? Who wanted Ralph dead and what hidden motives lay beneath the surface at the exclusive boarding school?

Join Tommy and Evelyn as they embark on an investigation that might just turn out to be their most complicated, and deadly, one to date.

You can now pre-order Murder at Docere House by clicking here.

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